Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Leaving Zambia

After five weeks here I am finally leaving. It's been a good five weeks here, despite everything working on Africa time. My boat may have been a week late, and some days were write offs just because they were, but T.I.A! Only downside to this trip was my inability to sort out my head cam (laziness and it refusing to work being the main issues), so I don't have as much footage as I'd like.

I still got plenty of paddling done, the Zam is without a doubt the best river I've ever seen. It did give me a hard time and I did take the odd swim, but it every day on the river was still great. At the moment I'm back in Lusaka waiting for a taxi to bring me to the airport. Next stop is Gauly Fest in the USA and hopefully it can be as good as here.

Colin Wong and Myself on Number 4 - Photo Will Clark


Wandering Paddler said...

Not wanting to diss Gauley Fest but it's not quite the same all encompassing experience you get in Africa. Some great paddling, but definitely not like what you've got there. Roll on the moonshine, straw hats and banjo music.

By the way we've a book open on whether you/your boat will actually make it to the states. Let me know if you want in on it :)

See you in Charlotte

Ken said...

Ha, well it is in Heathrow now, so a good odds on getting there now!