Friday, October 09, 2009

Back in College

I'm back from Uganda a month now and life is back to normal. College started back two weeks ago and this year as a masters student I have depressingly long hours and an enormous amount of project work to be doing.

It also hasn't rained since I got back from Uganda. The odd shower here or there but not one wet day that would bring rivers up, so no paddling for me. Who said it rains a lot in Ireland?

This week was Clubs and Societies days in DCU, where all the clubs and societies go out to try sign up as many new members as they can! This year was very slow, with freshers being very protective of their cash. but we still got loads of new members in both Debate Soc. and in the Canoe Club! So here's to another great year in both!

The first Debate Soc. house debate of the year certainly got of to a good start with a good showing of freshers who produced and excellent and entertaining debate.