Friday, July 22, 2011

Alps 2011

As early summer came around again it was time for what is now becoming an annual pilgrimage to the alps for me! This time the plan was to spend two weeks in Italy. I was joined by Aisling and Trevor from DCUCC and a crew from Mullingar Canoe Club. Unfortunately the weather and conditions in Italy didn't always play ball, it rained heavily at times and levels varied wildly from much too low, too much too high. That said I got some great runs in (the highlight of which was the Ayasse where got my Lv. 5 training done.

After a week of all the weather the Italian Alps could throw at us a chance to get a house in Briancon in France came up, so it was over to there for us. With most of the Mullingar crew returned to Ireland it was a smaller group and we had a fantastic chilled week in the Durance Vally, getting some nice paddling done as well as some climbing and mountain biking. The biking in particular was an experience, going along trails barely half a metre across with over a 50 metre drop of the side wasn't particularly my idea of fun! Nonetheless a good day.

Overall a fantastic two weeks, going for longer then the usual week was certianly worthwhile, we were able to slow the pace down and enjoy it as a holiday insteed of the usual mad rush to paddle all the time. Hopefully back next year to get some of the Italian clasics I missed due to crazy levels and perhaps even for longer then this year!

Dave Corcoran, Steve Burke, Aisling Doherty and myself by the Durance in France