Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Zambezi fun!

I'm Finally beginning to get plenty of paddling out here, still only getting from 10-25 though. It's a fun section with rapids 12/13 and 15/16 particularly good. Unfortunately the paddle from 19-25 is a long slog without much to say for it but it's the first take out after 14 so it must be done.

There are not that many people here paddling from one to ten, as of today only 4 people have done it this year and none of them have been doing it over the last few days. Sebastian and Jack did get a run in this morning but I had picked up a bit of a flu so gave it a miss and just paddled from 10 again. Possibly just as well as they discovered the body of a local who drowned a few days ago tyring to rescue a tourist who went swimming under the falls, which was not a pleasant experience (The tourist survived.)

However a few more paddlers have arrived in the past few days (all UK based) so the plan is to run it tomorrow! Hopefully it will be fun!

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