Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back home

I'm now back home a week and very much missing Africa! I've all my photos up online on my Picasa Web Album. Unfortunately I cant upload the video Chris made for some Techey reason.

The flight home was long and fairly uneventfully, apart from a rather impressive looking thunderstorm while flying over the Sudan. I had 2 seats to myself again, this time one of them being a window seat meaning I had a great view of the thunderstorm.

I'll definitely be back to Africa at some point in the future. Unfortunately it probably wont be to Uganda, at least not to Kayak as with out the Silverback run which will be lost to the dam it just wont be worth it to me. Maybe the Zambezi for next year!

Rhino in the conservation park!


Buffalo at Murchison Falls NP

One of the Local Kids carrying a boat up from Superhole

Kids who came out to see the Mazugus who st oped outside their house

This Guy borrowed my boat at the bottom of silverback, despite been way too small and using my paddles upside down he was actually quite a good little paddler!

Myself at Superhole

Hugh going big on Nile Special

Myself at Buj, Despite the sign we ran this many times :)

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