Monday, August 10, 2009

Newcastle Euros 2009

Last week David and myself took part in the EUDC 2009 hosted by Newcastle University. We also had Declan in tow as officially the first Hungarian Judging representative at euros.

We had an very early flight leaving Dublin which meant that we were in the student accommodation provided by Newcastle by 9.30 in the morning leaving us with a day in Newcastle. We went for a walk around Newcastle. It's a city with very much a sense of former grandeur. We also managed to get a visit to St. James Park, the day after Sir Bobby Robson died. Literally thousands of fans had gathered in and around the stadium, and the shear amount of memorials left and the cost of getting the latest jersey with "Sir Bobby" on it, only to leave it in the stadium is an indicator to how much this city loves their football.

Bobby Robson Memorial at St. James Park
Day 2 was the starting of the rounds. There was a major delay at the start due to registration problems which lead to one of the four scheduled rounds been cut. It was a good day for the Irish with several teams on 7 or more points after 3 rounds (so from a maximum of 9). It wasn't so good for myself and David though. We started with a solid second but in the second round we messed up big time and took a deserved last. The 3rd round we felt we did well in but we were given the worst adjudication that I have ever seen and ended up taking only a 3rd which left us on a rather poor 3 points after 3 rounds.

The Newcastle Authorities were unsure as to who was to use this gate

Day 3 was much better. We bounced back from the previous days disappointments with 3 straight wins which put us right up where we wanted to be and in with a solid chance of making it into the quarter finals. Our last preliminary round debate brought us up against some good teams including Cambridge and Tel Aviv. Unfortunately we were unable to take the win in what was a tight debate and it was the Cambridge and Tel Aviv teams who mad it through to the knock out stages. A number of Irish teams did make it through, 3 from UCD and one from UCC.

The last Irish team was knocked out in the Semis (Susan and Jeramey from UCD) and all Irish support went to the team from Tel Aviv who were the only non-Oxford team in the final. In the end it was Oxford's A team who won (for the forth international tournament in a row).

It wasn't to hard to figure out which team the Irish were supporting in the final
An early flight the next morning didn't curtail the party that night and it was a particularly tiered looking Irish contingent on the 7.50 flight the next morning.

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